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Grandmother: Mary Anne Pauley

Mary Anne Pauley was born on February 27, 1899, at Briar Creek, West Virginia. [Sometimes spelled: Brier Creek]  She married James Hollis Robson on June 2, 1920.  My grandmother Robson died in Charleston, West Virginia, on October 19, 1981, at age 82.  Further detail is found on the Robson Family page.

This is an early picture of my grandmother Mary Anne (Pauley) Robson.  The notation (in my grandfather's handwriting) on the back of the photograph states: "Mary Anne in masquerade."  This photograph appears to have been taken in the 1920's.  This link leads to a picture of her home at Briar Creek, taken in 1913.

Great-Grandfather: Shelva Pauley
Great-Grandmother: Anna Claire Barlow

My great-grandfather, Shelva Pauley, was born February 14, 1876, reportedly at Briar Creek, Kanawha County, West Virginia.  He died June 4, 1921, the victim of a coal mining accident.  My great-grandmother Anna (Barlow) Pauley, was born circa 1879, reportedly in Richmond, Virginia.  She died in childbirth, circa 1907.  The twin children died as well.

The two children of Shelva and Anna Pauley were:

  • Mary Anne, my grandmother.
  • James Henry.  A younger brother who was born in 1900 or 1901 and who died February 16, 1961.  He was survived by his wife Opal, six daughters and four sons.

Great-Great-Grandfather: Benjamin Franklin Pauley
Great-Great-Grandmother: Hester A. Dangerfield
Benjamin Pauley was born in 1848. He and Hester Dangerfield were married on May 24, 1874, in Kanawha County, West Virginia.  The "informant" was William Dangerfield, possibly her father, although my records show his name as George.  They were the parents of Shelva Pauley.

Great-Great-Grandfather: James Barlow
Great-Great-Grandmother: Myra Griffith
They were the parents of Anna Barlow.  It is possible that the name is spelled "Barlowe," and that they were born in Virginia.

Great-Great-Great-Grandfather: John W. Pauley
Great-Great-Great-Grandmother: Margaret Means

John Pauley was born circa 1813 and died circa 1857-1860.  Margaret Means was born circa 1820 in Botetourt County, Virginia, and died sometime after 1880.  They were married in 1841, in Kanawha County, West Virginia, and were the parents of six children the third of which was Benjamin Franklin Pauley.

Great-Great-Great-Grandfather: George Dangerfield
Great-Great-Great-Grandmother: [??]

Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandfather: Hugh Means
Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandmother: Mary _____

Hugh Means was born at some time before 1795.  He and Mary were the parents of Margaret Means.

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